Asiagroup adds two Zoomlion ZCT1000V532 telescopic Cranes for Singapore market

Asiagroup Leasing Pte Ltd, a pioneering force in the heavy lifting and logistics industry, is thrilled to announce the latest expansion of its rental fleet with the acquisition of two state-of-the-art Zoomlion ZCT1000V532 cranes. These cranes are not just an addition to our extensive array of heavy machinery but signify our commitment to integrating innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the Singapore market.

Elevating Expectations with Zoomlion ZCT1000V532

Asiagroup Leasing Pte Ltd is excited to announce the strategic enhancement of our fleet with the introduction of two Zoomlion ZCT1000V532 cranes. These additions mark a significant leap towards modernizing and expanding our heavy-lifting capabilities to meet the diverse needs of the Singapore market.

Unparalleled Strength and Efficiency

The Zoomlion ZCT1000V532 redefines the benchmarks for 4-axle cranes, delivering exceptional strength across all operational configurations. It’s uniquely engineered to maneuver through tight spaces with ease, thanks to its compact design, boasting a width of just 2.55 meters on 16.00 R 25 tires.

Road and Site Readiness

Our new cranes are designed for maximum transport efficiency, accommodating substantial counterweights within regulatory axle load limits. This, combined with advanced drive train technology, ensures both high performance on the road and optimal crane operations, aligning with Asiagroup Leasing’s commitment to operational excellence and safety.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Featuring the industry’s most versatile main boom extension system and standard air conditioning for improved operator comfort, the ZCT1000V532 cranes elevate the operational efficiency to new heights. Their introduction into our fleet is a testament to our dedication to offering state-of-the-art lifting solutions.

A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

At Asiagroup Leasing Pte Ltd, we are continuously looking for ways to innovate and provide superior service to our clients. The acquisition of the Zoomlion ZCT1000V532 cranes is a clear demonstration of our commitment to leading the industry with advanced, reliable, and efficient lifting solutions.

Join us as we embrace the future of lifting in Singapore with the Zoomlion ZCT1000V532 cranes, a key to unlocking new possibilities and achieving operational success in your projects. Asiagroup Leasing Pte Ltd is more than just a rental service; we are your partner in lifting towards excellence.

Completion of LTA DE112 Precast & Steel Bridge Launching

Project Title: LTA DE112 – Pedestrian Overhead Bridge and Commuter Infrastructure Enhancement

Scope of Work

Our project encompasses the comprehensive design, submission, and construction of a new covered pedestrian overhead bridge (POB) featuring both steel and reinforced concrete (RC) components. The elements include a lift shaft, covered staircase, covered ramp, linkway to an existing bus shelter, creation of a new bus shelter, water tank layby for N park, installation of double impact guardrails, and anti-climb railings at the center divider. The project also involves intricate electric and lightning protection works.

Project Components

1. Balestier Road:

  • Transportation of a 200-ton precast POB from the Tuas precast yard to Balestier using our modular trailer with turntable configuration.
  • Launching of the POB using a 500-ton mobile crane Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 and a 1000-ton mobile crane Terex AC1000.
  • Overcoming space constraints with a meticulous engineering study, considering the limited 2-lane dual carriageway available for crane parking.

2. Clementi Ave 4:

  • Erection of a temporary steel overhead bridge from the existing MRT train station to a residential area for future development.
  • Transportation of bridge segments, divided into three major parts, from the fabrication yard to the site using Goldhofer modular trailers with police escort on three separate nights.
  • Launching each bridge segment separately during the night using our 500-ton mobile crane Liebherr LTM1500-8.1.
  • Careful study and planning to navigate through the site’s obstacles, including trees and lamp posts, ensuring precision during the lifting operations.

Challenges and Solutions:

Our team navigated challenges such as constrained spaces and site obstacles by conducting thorough engineering studies, ensuring that lifting operations were executed with precision. The professional execution of oversized cargo transportation, provision of mobile cranes, and lifting expertise underscores our commitment to the successful realization of LTA DE112.


This project showcases our dedication to excellence in planning, engineering, and execution of complex infrastructure projects, contributing to the enhancement of pedestrian mobility and commuter infrastructure in the specified locations.

Asiagroup Terex AC1000/9 leaving job site

Here we have Asiagroup’s prestigious Terex AC1000/9 with HA100 boom leaving the job site after completing a tower crane job. The video shows the extensive length of the crane as compared to cranes of a smaller class. You can hear the unmistakeable roar of the Mercedes OM502LA as it accelerates hard.

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