Terex AC1000

Additional information

Terex AC1000 is the world’s largest easy-rigging mobile crane that can be driven on the road with its 50m main boom and outriggers on its 9-axles chassis. With a maximum lifting height of 163 metres, the mobile crane is a unique flagship heavy lift that can do the job in a shorter mobilization time.

Product Information

  • YOM: 2012
  • Serial No.: 49005
  • Chassis: 9 axles
  • Drive / Steering: 18 x 8 x 18, 2,3,5,6 driven. All axles steered.
  • Engine: MTU Diesel OM 502LA , EuroMot 3b, EPA Tier 4i
  • Transmission: ZF TC-Tronic HD; automated gearbox w/ torque converter. 12 forward speeds and 2 reverse
  • Tyres: 16.00R25
  • Telescopic boom HA50 – 13.5m to 50m, 14-sheaves integrated into boom head for max. 363.3 ton.
  • HA100 – Additional inner sections for insertion in HA50; 17.1 – 100m. 6-sheaves integrated into boom head for max.  capacity of 168.4 ton.
  • Sideway Superlift (SSL)
  • Luffing Jib – WIHI 126m. Enables configuration WIHI 24m – 126m, F 14m – 74m, SF 8m – 74m for HA50.
  • Adapter HA100 – 3m; Luffing jib adapter; Required for the operation of HA 100 with extension LWIHI, F, LF
  • Hoist H0 (self-rigging of counterweight frame), H2 (2nd hoist)
  • Counterweight: 228 ton
  • Hook Block – 250 ton 9-sheaves (D), 100 ton 3-sheaves (E)
  • Load Moment Indicator – IC-1 Acc. EN13000
  • Datalogger
  • Emergency Override HY (w/o Power Pack)
  • Refinery kit
  • Reverse buzzer, swing buzzer
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