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Featured as one of the world’s largest easy-rigging mobile cranes, the AClOOO can handle a similar workload of a 1200 ton crane. Its versatility comes from it’s 9 axles, a variable steering system that provides directional stability and maneuverability on many types of terrain, and the ability to attach either a 50 meter boom, or attach an extra SO meter boom, extending the AClOOO‘s reach up to 100 meter. Completed with luffing jib maximum high rs 163.3m.

The AC1000 makes hauling equipment on to high-rise buildings, installing gigantic plants and power generators, erecting wind turbines and many other  super high reach lifting jobs supremely easy and safe.

The features of the AC1000 greatly expedite project at work. It’s extensive configuration reduces the hassle of obtaining expensive permits and the need of having to use additional supporting equipment for installation, thus reducing setup time and cost.

Technical Specifications Form Terex:

Technical Details MetricImperial
CUB Class1200 Ton1320 US-Tons
Main Boom Length / Optional50 / 100 M164/328.1 ft
Main Boom Extension 126 M413.4 ft
Maximum System Length33.3 + 4 + 126 = 163.3 M109.3+13.1+413.4 = 535.8 ft
Maximum Counter Weight228 T250.8 US-Tons
Overall Length / Optional20.31 / 22.48 M56.6/73.8 ft
Carrier Length20.31 M56.6 ft
Turning Radius Over Cabin16.48 M54.1 ft
Carrier Engine480 KW653 hp
Maximum Travel Speed85 KM/H53 MPH
Drive Chain18 x 8 x 1818 x 8 x 18
Tires14.00 (16.00)14.00 (16.00)
Maximum Gradeability38%38%
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